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Simple Foods Safflower Oil

100% pure, all-natural safflower oil cold pressed and filtered straight from our organic safflower plants.

Simple Safflower Oil

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This can contains 100% pure, USDA and Euro Bio organic certified oil from safflower plants that were thoughtfully grown, handled, crafted and bottled to create the finest safflower oil. Our safflower seeds are cold pressed and filtered as soon as the crop becomes available, and all discarded seeds are repurposed as organic food for our livestock. We take pride in our production process which is simple and sustainable in order to maintain the purity of this product. 

The seeds used to produce our oil are of the highest quality (so much so that they do not need to be refined or reprocessed) maintaining its full nutrients and vitamins. 

These are just some benefits of safflower oil

  • Very high in monounsaturated fats and very low in saturated fat

  • High in Vitamin E and Beta Carotene making it a smart alternative to most vegetable oils

  • Crafted to be unrefined, allowing it to maintain all of its nutrients

  • Very versatile, with a high smoking point of 500F, it is a great cooking oil to use in everyday cooking, salads and dressings, searing meat and fish, and cooking vegetables and sauces

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